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Important: PhotoDesk 5 uses a different way to access the Instagram Servers than previous versions of PhotoDesk. This new way offers far more possibilities (as can be observed by all the new features in PhotoDesk 5) but it can also be changed or disabled by Instagram on short notice.

This means that PhotoDesk 5 may stop working at any time due to outside influences (Instagram). If it stops, I'll try my best to get it back to working as fast as possible.
The service may also be cancelled by Instagram at any time. In that case, if I see no way to get the app working again, I reserve the right to cancel all existing subscriptions. In that case, all current, running subscriptions will be refunded. I.e. If you subscribed to PhotoDesk on the 1th of March and Instagram disables the service on the 29th of March, you will be refunded for the complete month of March (minus a 50cent transaction fee).