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Desktop Instagram tailored to the needs of agencies, influencers and photographers

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  • PhotoDesk Grid View
  • PhotoDesk Statistics
  • PhotoDesk Detail View

Top Features Include

For Influencers

Quickly export your account statistics and reply to comments.

For Agencies

Manage multiple Instagram accounts, Interact with followers, monitor your activity.


Filter, crop & upload images from your desktop.

More Features


Filter, crop, edit and upload images. Save tags for later reuse.


PhotoDesk offers rich statistics so that you can gain insights on your content, audience, and performance.


With PhotoDesk you can bookmark images, videos, users, tags, or locations and even sort them into folders.


Keep a clean feed by ignoring the contents of users on your blacklist

Tag Management

Search for Tags, Bookmark Tags, find related Tags, and search within Tag results


Download images, videos and even stories to your harddisk


Search for Locations, Tags, or Users.

Interactions / You

Interact with your followers, see every like, comment or follow that comes in. See what your friends are up to in the network news.

Feed & Discover

Follow your feed and see what's trending in the discover area

Even More
Repost existing IG content Commenting
Liking Maps
Bookmarks in nested folders Follow Management
Follower Management Request Management
Saved Items Your Profile
Photodesk 4 import Tabbed Windows
Multiple Windows Native App (Not Electron!)
Slideshows that load more content when reaching the end Export Statistics as PNG or CSV
PhotoDesk 4 VS PhotoDesk 5 Feature Comparison


Screenshots Overview

  • Auto Reload

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  • Display Options

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  • Maps

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  • Slideshow

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  • Load More

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  • Mention Analysis

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  • Word Analysis

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  • Important Commenters

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  • Active Commenters

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  • Category Likes

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  • Follower Growth

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  • Comment Growth

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  • Overview

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  • Selection

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  • Notes

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  • My News

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  • Network News

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  • Search & Bookmarks

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  • Likers

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  • Filtering & Sorting

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  • Commenting

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Performance Statistics

PhotoDesk includes a variety of statistics to help you better understand your account. The Performance Statistics gives you information to assess how your account has been performing.

Content Analysis

Content Analysis will give you insights into your own content. Which tags, mentions, or filters gained the most comments or the most likes. Which users are the most active commenters or likers on your images. Which images are highest rated and which images seem to continuously gain new likes.

Audience Measurement

Audience Measurement is the key to better content. See what your followers are sharing and what they're interested in. Which of your followers or commenters are big on Instagram, which tags are they using, which words, mentions and filters do they prefer.

Photodesk Videos

  • Filter, Crop, Edit Images
  • Upload Images
  • Save sets of tags
  • Re-Apply tags to multiple images
  • Rich Statistics
  • Content, Audience & Performance Statistics
  • Bookmark Images, Videos, Users, Tags, Locations
  • Sort into folders

Fair & Simple Pricing

Free Trial


    Test and evaluate the app in order to find out whether it suits your needs. All features, no restrictions.


per month

    All features, no restrictions. Continuous Enhancements.



  • Team features
  • Sync content
  • Account permissions
  • Scheduled uploads


Important: PhotoDesk 5 uses a different way to access the Instagram Servers than previous versions of PhotoDesk. This new way offers far more possibilities (as can be observed by all the new features in PhotoDesk 5) but it can also be changed or disabled by Instagram on short notice.

This means that PhotoDesk 5 may stop working at any time due to outside influences (Instagram). If it stops, I'll try my best to get it back to working as fast as possible.
The service may also be cancelled by Instagram at any time. In that case, if I see no way to get the app working again, I reserve the right to cancel all existing subscriptions. In that case, all current, running subscriptions will be refunded. I.e. If you subscribed to PhotoDesk on the 1th of March and Instagram disables the service on the 29th of March, you will be refunded for the complete month of March (minus a 50cent transaction fee).

14 Day Free Trial

Try the app and see for yourself whether it works for you

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is PhotoDesk now a subscription model?

Developing quality macOS apps as a single developer is tricky. The market has become so small that a one-time fee does not necessarily generate enough income to sustain a single developer (me).

The current version of PhotoDesk has long stopped paying the bills. Thus I had to give up indie development and go back to a regular job in 2016. However, I still wanted to make a better PhotoDesk because I believe my customers deserve something better. So I set out to write a new PhotoDesk in my spare time.

I worked on it every evening after work, every weekend, every vacation, every public holiday. Building a full featured app like PhotoDesk in the spare time is unbelievable hard. It was really, really frustrating, tearing me up from the inside.

PhotoDesk 5 uses a new, private, way to access the Instagram service / API. Instagram can change or disable these services on short notice. This means that PhotoDesk 5 may stop working at any time due to outside influences (Instagram). If it stops, I'll try my best to get it back to working as fast as possible. However, it may be that they turn it off and PhotoDesk becomes useless.

Due to these constraints, I think it is best to make PhotoDesk a subscription. Should Instagram ever close their service, your subscription will also be cancelled. This means that you never paid for a software that becomes obsolete afterwards.

In addition to that, I think that this model will generate enough income to allow me to continuously improve PhotoDesk with new features and bugfixes.

With PhotoDesk 5 I've already invested heavily in terms of time, and I really want to continue supporting the product, adding new features, making it better. But this only works if the app generates enough income to at least pay one developer.

Is PhotoDesk a native or an electron app

PhotoDesk is a native macOS app using Apple's newest technologies. Only the statistics feature of PhotoDesk uses some web technologies for displaying content

Will there be a Windows version

PhotoDesk has specifically been developed for Apple's macOS platform in order to utilize all of the platforms features. Porting this over to Windows would be too much work.

Can I see news for multiple accounts?

Yes, you can open multiple PhotoDesk windows at the same time and each window can display the news for a different Instagram account.

Which Version of macOS does PhotoDesk require?

PhotoDesk requires at least macOS 10.12: Sierra.

Is there an iPad version?

No, there's no iPad version yet as I feel that the official Instagram app - even on an iPad - can support this use case much better. I want to focus on best of class macOS support.

Is there a roadmap to see upcoming features?

Have a look at the official roadmap. However, keep in mind that it is subject to change depending on sudden bugs or newly introduced Instagram features.

Can you please add support for Instagram feature XXX?

Instagram has more than 100 developers working on their app while I am a single developer. It is physically not possible for me to support each and every feature that Instagram offers.

I bought PhotoDesk 4, can I receive a discount?

When you start PhotoDesk 4, a window will open with a coupon code that you can use to discount purchasing PhotoDesk 5.

I'm unhappy I want my money back

Please use the contact form on this website to contact me with detailed information (your email address, your name) so that I can take the necessary steps to perform the refund.

What about PhotoDesk 4?

PhotoDesk 4 has been removed from sale. Instagram announced that they will disable the API that PhotoDesk 5 requires beginning in June 2018. This means that existing customers of PhotoDesk 4 will be able to continue using the app until June. From that point on, PhotoDesk 4 will stop working.

See a PhotoDesk 4 vs PhotoDesk 5 comparison here.

Why can't PhotoDesk 4 gain the access to the other Instagram service, like PhotoDesk 5?

Developing PhotoDesk 5 was an insane amount of work. Connecting to this completely different Instagram service was only possible by also rewriting the whole PhotoDesk app. Porting it back to PhotoDesk 4 would be almost as much work as building PhotoDesk 5 in the first place.

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